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Imagine your body as a tower with gaps and holes in places where building blocks normally create a strong and vibrant structure.

Inadequate nutrition, poor food quality, stress, toxins, lack of sleep, life intensities and inactivity can slowly, or sometimes rapidly, remove building blocks from your personal tower of health. If we’re lucky our body’s hang in there, subtly re-calibrating to provide enough stability to continue on, albeit wobbly and fragile.

Imagine you have the tools to slide the missing or unsteady blocks back into place re-establishing the foundations for health. Through a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment we’ll identify the blocks that need attention and strategically enhance their function through personalised dietary, nutrient and lifestyle interventions.

Dr Celeste Ferraris OLY
Dr Celeste Ferraris OLYPhD | Nutrition Scientist | Clinical Nutritionist | Meditation & Yoga Teacher


“Our bodies are miraculous systems that work synergistically to create a combined effect greater than the sum of the separate parts” 

In the same way I work synergistically with clients to stimulate the body’s innate healing processes, enhancing health outcomes and vitalising the body and mind.

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Food has been used as medicine for hundreds of years and meditative and yogic practices for thousands. As our understanding of nutrition and energetic science grows our ability to positively influence nearly every health condition becomes more powerful and effective.  


“The capacity to care is what gives life its deepest significance” Pablo Casals

In a safe, supportive environment we’ll discuss your health concerns and formulate strategies to return you to a state of wellbeing. Expect me to listen and provide tools and knowledge to master your own health. When knowledge and action meet, wellness occurs.