I’m a degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist which means that I help people feel and perform better. I’m also a nutrition research scientist, university lecturer, and a meditation/yoga teacher and researcher which means the support you’ll receive is grounded in evidence-based knowledge and years of formal education. My philosophies on making change are born from the psychology of meditation/yoga. I value gratitude, respect, kindness, perseverance, reflection, connection and embracing ‘being human’.

As a nutrition professional, I evaluate dietary, nutritional, medical and lifestyle information using scientific evidence and clinical expertise to inform the provision of targeted interventions that improve performance, optimise health, aid in the prevention of disease and support recovery and return to health. The broader picture of your health is addressed by thorough case taking and analysis. The creation of precise therapies is possible through microbiome analysis, functional and pathology testing, nutritional genetic testing, and understanding how the environment impacts our genes.

EDUCATION: An interest in nutrition-related genetics and the critical role nutrition plays in anxiety, depression and cognitive function led to an Honours (1st Class) research project in the B. Food Science & Human Nutrition at the University of Newcastle. For this work, I was awarded a UON Science Faculty Medal and a Commendation. My current PhD research under UON scholarship is on the genetic and biological relationships between nutrition, taste and anxiety, stress, depression and cognitive function.

Prior completion of a B.HSc Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine covered in depth study of human biology, anatomy, chemistry, nutritional biochemistry, pathophysiology, microbiology, pathology and functional testing, food science, dietary analysis, planning and counselling. In clinical practice this evidence-based grounding will help you move toward better health, safely and effectively.

SPORT: From elite sport, I’ve learnt the value of making even the smallest of changes to remedy the interruptions that hinder our movement toward our goals.  The successes of my sporting career (Olympian & Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist in Synchronised Swimming) were interwoven with times of apparent failure and of fluctuations in self-confidence, physical strength, health, psychological fortitude and focus. Realising goals is a big-picture undertaking and we arrive by making small steps, often imperfectly, every day.

CHANGE: Over a decade teaching yoga and meditation has helped formulate The Way, a blueprint for lasting change grounded in yogic wisdom and practices. The philosophies and psychology of yoga are an integral part of a complete system that helps us examine our habits, behaviour and attitudes in life, and toward ourselves. Through awareness we create a deeper self-understanding, and in so doing, set the stage for the growth that sustains a healthier, happier life.

SPECIALITIES: Areas of particular interest include the nutritional and psychological factors in digestive health, the microbiome, gut-brain axis, anxiety, depression, cognition, allergies/intolerances, thyroid and adrenal health and the emerging fields of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. From infants to sages, all life stages benefit from a nutrient-rich, personalised diet and lifestyle.

COLLABORATION: We will work together synergistically, creating a combined effect that is greater than if we were working alone. The importance of collaborating extends to your health care team, who I will work with to ensure nutritional and lifestyle support is safe and effective.

Dr Celeste Ferraris OLY

PhD, Clinical Nutritionist, Senior Level 2 Meditation & Yoga Teacher

  • PhD topic – nutrition, taste genetics and anxiety, stress, depression and cognitive function
  • Bachelor of Food Science & Human Nutrition Honours (1st Class, Science Faculty Medal & Commendation)
  • Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional Medicine
  • Member – Nutrition Society of Australia
  • Member – Australasian Natural Therapists Association

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