Body Composition Analysis

Why measure body composition?

Stepping on a scale can tell you how much you weigh. What it doesn’t tell you is how much of your body is made of of fat, muscle, bone and water. We know that too much body fat can be a serious health risk, particularly when in and on our vital organs, known as visceral fat. Inadequate body fat also has health implications including low energy stores, low immunity and menstrual irregularities. We also know that there are health conditions linked to low bone density and muscle mass such as osteoporosis, frailty, poor blood glucose control and metabolic problems.

Through body composition information we can develop more precise nutritional, dietary and physical therapies to target the changes we want to see in muscle, bone, fat and water percentage in your body.  A healthy body composition can improve energy levels, increase lifespan and quality, and reduce the risk of many health conditions.

If consulting with me online, there are body composition analysis services in most areas that can provide a comprehensive report that contains all the information we need to create your targeted Health Plan.

In person consultations allow for the use of a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine, one of the most reliable and accessible methods of body composition assessment. Electrodes in the foot (or hand) sensor pads of the scale send a low, safe electrical signal through the body calculating visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass, total body water, basal metabolic rate (BMR), total weight and body fat%.

By thinking ‘body composition’ rather than focusing on weight, you’ll not only achieve success and transform the way you feel, you’ll also be able to monitor and improve other factors that are essential to long-term health such as your basal metabolic rate, visceral fat level and bone mass.
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